About Us

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Spreading Smiles was founded in 2017 by a group of friends in Brampton, Ontario. It is an organization driven by the motivation to make a change in the world. It began with a simple vision: to improve the world we live in, starting by helping those around us. The name, Spreading Smiles, came into inception through our motto: “Everyone Deserves to Smile.” With the ambition to spread joy and happiness to people in less fortunate situations, we knew it would be a great embodiment for what we stand for. Our family consists of over 50 members and is steadily growing.


Future Outlook


Our goal is to help in a wide variety of ways, by planning year-round initiatives to help those in need. Our action plan includes organizing food & toy drives, fundraisers, community outreach events and much more. We plan to accomplish our goals and make a significant impact, but it has to start with our community first. Our long terms goals are to expand outside of our city and begin to help on a larger, province wide scale. This will be accomplished by growing our team, involving more volunteers, and working with the region of peel.

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