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While opening gifts on Christmas morning with friends and family, it dawned on us, there are millions of kids around the world that are not able to celebrate like we are. Recognizing the need to help, we knew there wasn’t a better way than to organize our very own Toy Drive for SickKids Hospital.

By choosing to work with SickKids Hospital in Toronto, we were able to make an impact on the largest hospital for children in Ontario. As is stands, the hospital receives many financial donations, but by donating toys into children’s hands, it made a meaningful impact we were all inspired by. For those kids who are sick and stuck in a hospital on Christmas day,  it meant the world for them to be surprised with gifts. Even if it was only for a brief moment, they were able to experience a period of excitement and forget about the tough situations they were going through.


2017 Toy Drive

Donations Collected: $15,000+

Our First Event: December 9th,  2017

For our first event, we held a toy drive for SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. With the help of local Toronto based car enthusiast club, North Face Rally (NFR), we collectively raised over $15,000.

All of the donations collected were used to purchase toys from a local Toys”R”Us,  where 70 volunteers from Spreading Smiles and NFR gathered to help make the toy drive a reality. We also had many community members assist in purchasing and loading the toys to send them on their way to SickKids. The toys were taken to the hospital in a BRINKS security truck, followed closely by members of NFR!

Initial Goal: Before beginning our first toy drive, our initial goal was to raise $2,000 to be able to use to purchase as many toys possible.

Overall Raised: With the abundance of support from community members, volunteers, and partnerships, we were able to surpass our initial goal and raise an astounding $15,000. We saw an enormous amount of support through all our social medias and campaigns, which gave us the confidence to aim even higher for our next event!

2018 Toy Drive

Donations Collected: $20,000+

Our Second Event: December 9th,  2018

With the success of the 2017 Toy Drive, we decided to partner with North Face Rally yet again! Continuing to build our relationship with SickKids Toronto, we organized a fundraiser to help buy children, in less fortunate situations, the toys they wanted for Christmas. With the amount of support we received in 2017, we knew we could achieve even greater things for 2018.

Collectively,  for our 2018 Toy Drive, we were able to raise over $20,000, all of which went towards purchasing toys for SickKids from Toys”R”Us. We received a tremendous amount of support, with over 100 volunteers and members coming out to help make this toy drive a reality. This time around, we were also able to reach out to Homes First Toronto, a family shelter near SickKids, and build wish lists for all the children there. This way, we ensured we got everything all the kids truly wanted, so we could make their Christmas that much more special.